Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Little Aside

This stopped me in my tracks this morning... These bridal veils and fascinators are GORGEOUS! And perfect for a vintage wedding. All from Preston & Olivia on Etsy.

Happy weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

Great news! I got a storage unit! That wasn't the great news you expected? Well, it's cause for celebration at Casa Nostalgia because my stuff was taking over our house. All the logical places to store stuff like the garage and basement were full, so the dining and living rooms were becoming storage rooms -- not cool. Anyhoo... I am working now on restoring order. I'm also still working on a proper inventory of all our wares -- you know, serial numbers and the whole bit. As I'm cataloging, I am also posting photos to flickr. So please check out our new inventory items there.

Speaking of new inventory, here are a few of my favorite "new" old things:

A great antique door with etched glass insert. We'll be taking off the newer door frame and deadbolt. This would make a pretty backdrop for just about anything.

Pretty antique desk. This would make a neat cake or guestbook table at a wedding.

Hey photographers and new parents! Don't you think sweet little babies would be super duper darling photographed in this antique wicker doll buggy? Kind of like this? Give me a call! It could be yours (for a little while)!

I'm so excited that the word is getting out about our business. Thanks for all you've done to let others know about Nostalgia!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cornhusker/KFRX Bridal Show

Woo-hoo! Sweet relief! The Cornhusker/KFRX bridal show is over, and everything went well. I had a lot of fun meeting brides and area vendors!

Below are some pics of my booth. We crammed a lot of stuff into an 8x8 foot space! Mad props to my hubby and dad for hauling the big stuff in. I know that was a pleasant experience, especially in 100 degree heat.

First, let's talk about that big stuff. My vintage book backdrop made its debut at the show. It's an 8 feet tall, 44 inches wide, and wallpapered with pages from vintage books. I capped the top with some antique crown molding. It turned out beautifully. I think this backdrop would be fantastic as a wedding ceremony backdrop or as part of a cake table or guest table vignette. It would also be great for photo shoots.

Here's one of our four vintage typewriters.

The booth was decked out in romantic accessories.

My brooch bouquets also made their debut at the bridal fair. I can make these to your specifications out of whatever color/style vintage brooches and costume jewelry that you would like. And yes, Miranda Lambert did carry a brooch bouquet at her wedding (if I had $1 for every time I heard that mentioned at the bridal fair, I'd have a nice little stack of cash). These are one item I do not rent, though. They are only available for purchase.

I received some nice compliments on these silhouettes. I love silhouettes -- I think a silhouette themed wedding would be elegant and fun. I can also make custom silhouettes for you. I just need a photo of the subjects in profile.

You will notice there is now a link to my Nostalgia Inventory set on flickr so you can see some of the items that we currently have. Please remember that this is absolutely not a complete listing of our inventory -- if there is something specific you are looking for, just ask because we may well have it already. (If not, we can get it.) I am going to try to add many more photos this week. But for now, the contents of my booth are strewn all over my house. Wish me luck getting this place livable again. I'm going to need it!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sneak Peek & Bridal Show Craziness

One week until the KFRX Cornhusker Marriott Bridal Show! Things are a little crazy at Casa Nostalgia... it looks a little like a tornado went through our house and deposited the contents of an antique store. I'm trying to figure out what I want to take to the show with me -- which is hard because we have such great stuff!

Speaking of great stuff, here's another sneak peek:

This old metal utility sink would be great for a beverage station at your party/wedding. Just fill with ice and add bottled or canned drinks. Earlier today when I was dreaming of sticking my head in a big bucket of ice (it was 100 degrees out today with about 100% humidity), this sink popped in my mind.

Wouldn't it look cute dressed up with a little banner? I better go obsess about my bridal fair booth some more. Hope everyone is staying cool!