Monday, June 27, 2011

Inventory Sneak Peek #5

Today's sneak peek consists of our collection of boxes, baskets, and crates. The picture below represents just a small sampling of what we have available. We have vintage wooden fruit crates, old locker baskets, galvanized buckets and bins, and bushel baskets.

There are so many uses for these... you're only limited by your imagination! I love how they look filled with flowers.

Etsy Cottage Style

Or filled with other arrangements like produce (as originally intended!).

Green Wedding Shoes

The crates can be used as accent furniture.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Or dressed up with images from your event.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

All the containers would look great holding items for a favor bar or even on a buffet (it would probably be a good idea to line them with fabric if they will be used to hold food).

I hope to continue posting regularly although I am also very busy trying to get ready for our first bridal show... Please come see us at the KFRX Cornhusker Marriott Bridal Show on July 17!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Perfect Wedding Dress

I snatched up this beautiful retro wedding dress at an estate sale this morning. We already have a couple of great vintage dresses in our collection. Any of them would look lovely on one of our dress forms for decoration at a wedding or bridal shower. Or maybe even on you! I will have to post a picture of the other dresses later.

I was thinking about vintage dresses and doing some browsing online. I remember desperately wanting a vintage prom dress in high school but not knowing how to go about buying one. This was before the advent of eBay. Now there is Etsy, eBay, and a host of other places online where you can find loads and loads of beautiful vintage dresses. Kids these days have it so easy. Did I mention that I also had to walk eleven miles in the snow to get to school and it was uphill both ways?

If you are looking for a gorgeous vintage dress and have deep pockets, look no further than this number:

Shut. Up. It's vintage Valentino, ladies! What a head turning number. It would go great with a mid-century glam themed wedding.

My Sweet and Saucy

Just watch two or three episodes of Mad Men and you'll have all the inspiration you need. (I'm soooo missing this show this summer -- how about you? I can't believe we have to wait until January.)

Here's the perfect (free!) save the date card for such a wedding:

How about these 1920s and 30s dresses? Technically, I don't think they are vintage but they are vintage inspired.

They would look fab at a Great Gatsby themed wedding.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Max studio dress
$148 -

DC Shoes

Feather hair accessory

Nostalgia has great vintage items that would complement both mid-century and 20s-30s style weddings, or any other era you so choose. Just remember when planning to pick a dress that goes with your theme (or a theme that goes with your dress).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vintage & Handmade

In addition to vintage decor and furniture items, Nostalgia will also be offering handmade items that complement vintage themed events. These are available both for purchase and for rent, and we can make them custom for you as long as we are given enough lead time.

I'm working on several little handmade projects right now, but here's one to start.

Fabric buntings are EVERYWHERE these days. This one is made of vintage fabric scraps and old aprons in pink and green prints. As I mentioned, we can make a bunting especially for you according to the colors, prints, shape, length, etc. that you desire.

I LOOOOOVE buntings. I think I am going to hang them up at every party I throw from now until the end of time. So fun!



Ask us today about what we can make for your event!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just a Little Aside: I Love Stripey Straws

Just wanted to put in a plug for one of the cutest and most versatile party supplies ever... the stripey straw.

I just ordered a couple of colors so I would have them on hand. They're so retro and fun! I have been seeing them all over the blogs lately. They look great at all sorts of occasions.

Cute, huh? We're still working hard on getting all our inventory cataloged and gearing up for the KFRX/Cornhusker Marriott Bridal Show in July. More inventory pics to come!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inventory Sneak Peek #4

For today's sneak peek, I have a couple of related items to show you, and they are too cute. The first is this darling antique iron baby crib. Love the patina on this one.

I could see the crib being used as a place to display gifts during a vintage themed baby shower like in the image below. It makes a great focal point. You could dress it up with vintage linens or just leave it as is.

Via Stylish Giving

We have many other vintage items that would go great with the crib... Antique baby clothes hanging from a clothesline would be precious at a shower. You could fill an apothecary jar -- we have lots of those -- with antique photographs of babies (maybe relatives of the baby-to-be, otherwise we have antique photos available). We have a lot of great tablecloths and other linens that would complement the other items. And milk glass (which we have lots of) would be a good choice for dinnerware and vases. We will be offering a package deal of vintage baby theme items for rent in the future -- stay tuned for details. I have yet to photograph these items but below are some similar ones.

Clockwise, Top L-R: Antique baby clothes at Your Home Based Parties,
Old Pictures in Apothecary Jar at Living with Lindsay, Milk Glass
Vases at Small Shop Studio, Lace Hankie at Another Time Antiques

If you want a more 50s/60s retro look we also have a vintage bassinet. I don't have a picture of that yet either, but it looks pretty much like the one below (although ours is white). It would also be too cute filled with gifts. Wouldn't it be fun to wrap the gifts in retro paper, too?

Ragtime Design on Etsy

Clockwise from Top L: Berry Etsy, Koyani, ReFindery,
MyraMelinda (all on Etsy)

We have a lot of vintage baby stuff from the 50s and 60s that would look great with the bassinet like kitschy chalkware planters and figurines, old baby bottles, vintage baby toys...

All just killing me with cuteness! Call us and we will help you plan your baby shower today!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inventory Sneak Peek #3

For today's sneak peak we have a collection of picnic items -- picnic baskets, blankets, tablecloths, a vintage enamel coffee pot, milk glass vases, strawberry print metal trays, mason jars and colorful plastic dinnerware. There are two or three of each item in the picture but we have much more of everything in our inventory. This collection is so fun... so many possibilities!

I've seen some really cute engagement photos staged with picnic items. I love these two in particular -- and you already know we have the perfect bike for rent to throw into the mix!

Top: Adrienne Gunde via Ruffled
Bottom: Eclectic Images via Elizabeth Ann Designs

Imagine a picnic themed wedding! You could go with the checkered blanket/country retro chic look like in the engagement pictures above, or you could go more romantic like in the photos below. I am in awe of the picnic themed ceremony (below top picture). I love the idea of using blankets for guests to sit on and decorating the "aisle" with picnic baskets topped with flowers. You could always throw in a few vintage chairs for guests who might have trouble making it up and down from the ground. Or maybe add a couple of church pews (we have those, too) at the front for parents and grandparents of the couple, etc.

Top: Memories at the Pines
Bottom: The Abbey Catering

A picnic theme would be fun for any occasion -- birthday parties, showers, reunions, friendly gatherings...

Party Love

Setting up the buffet or some other type of display in the bed of a vintage truck is a great idea. We have a truck like this available, but it is a lot more rustic looking. And it definitely won't run.

Country Living

These little accents are sooooo adorable. We have a large quantity of quart-sized wooden berry boxes that would have a similar look to the mini picnic baskets.
I've always wanted to try making a dessert in a jar. Fantastic presentation! We have loads and loads on mason jars on hand -- both for purchase and for rent -- if you would like to give this a try for your event.

Clockwise from Top: Mini Picnic Baskets via Blue Lily Events, Strawberry Shortcake
in a Jar by Heather Kitchen Images, Pie in a Jar by Arugula & Castles

I don't know about you, but I suddenly have a craving for some strawberry shortcake. I think a trip to the strawberry farm might be in my future.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inventory Sneak Peek #2

For our next sneak peek, check out these vintage dress forms! These are always a favorite.

The one in the middle is especially versatile. You could display something like postcards or guest book entries on it using clothespins.

Or you could dress it up with flowers and old jewelry.

Image by Andrea Singarella

A dress form would look great among other items at a vintage themed event. Love this wedding by sTORIbook Weddings (Tori Spelling).

Via Heavenly Blooms

I also love the idea of using the dress forms to display vintage wedding dresses -- perhaps those worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom.

Image from Tales of Time on Etsy

A sewing or handmade theme is a cute idea, and the dress forms would be right at home there. Maybe you could hang some of these ADORABLE cookie button favors on a dress form:

Edible Button Cookies from Sugar and Meringue

You could incorporate some vintage wooden spools into a sewing themed event. It just so happens that we also have oodles and oodles of spools available for rent. The place setting card idea below is fabulous, and I love how the spools look strewn about a banquet table.

Top: Old Thread Spool Place Setting Cards via Flea Market Style Magazine Blog
Bottom: Forget Me Not Weddings via Green Wedding Shoes

We have cake stands, vintage buttons, and embroidery hoops available, too. Love all these ideas.

Clockwise from Top L-R: Spools on a Cake Stand by Forget Me Knot Weddings
via Green Wedding Shoes, Button Decoration via Manolo Brides, Embroidery Hoop Hangings by A. Hana Design via Perfect Wedding

Aren't those weddings beautiful? I am loving their color scheme. These colors + some burlap tablecloths + jadeite dinnerware (we have that!) would = GORGEOUS.

Stay tuned for our next sneak peek! Hopefully our main website will also be functional in the next week or two. Although I don't think we will be able to photograph every single item in our inventory, we will have many more inventory pictures available on our site.