Monday, June 27, 2011

Inventory Sneak Peek #5

Today's sneak peek consists of our collection of boxes, baskets, and crates. The picture below represents just a small sampling of what we have available. We have vintage wooden fruit crates, old locker baskets, galvanized buckets and bins, and bushel baskets.

There are so many uses for these... you're only limited by your imagination! I love how they look filled with flowers.

Etsy Cottage Style

Or filled with other arrangements like produce (as originally intended!).

Green Wedding Shoes

The crates can be used as accent furniture.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

Or dressed up with images from your event.

Elizabeth Anne Designs

All the containers would look great holding items for a favor bar or even on a buffet (it would probably be a good idea to line them with fabric if they will be used to hold food).

I hope to continue posting regularly although I am also very busy trying to get ready for our first bridal show... Please come see us at the KFRX Cornhusker Marriott Bridal Show on July 17!

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