Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Perfect Wedding Dress

I snatched up this beautiful retro wedding dress at an estate sale this morning. We already have a couple of great vintage dresses in our collection. Any of them would look lovely on one of our dress forms for decoration at a wedding or bridal shower. Or maybe even on you! I will have to post a picture of the other dresses later.

I was thinking about vintage dresses and doing some browsing online. I remember desperately wanting a vintage prom dress in high school but not knowing how to go about buying one. This was before the advent of eBay. Now there is Etsy, eBay, and a host of other places online where you can find loads and loads of beautiful vintage dresses. Kids these days have it so easy. Did I mention that I also had to walk eleven miles in the snow to get to school and it was uphill both ways?

If you are looking for a gorgeous vintage dress and have deep pockets, look no further than this number:

Shut. Up. It's vintage Valentino, ladies! What a head turning number. It would go great with a mid-century glam themed wedding.

My Sweet and Saucy

Just watch two or three episodes of Mad Men and you'll have all the inspiration you need. (I'm soooo missing this show this summer -- how about you? I can't believe we have to wait until January.)

Here's the perfect (free!) save the date card for such a wedding:

How about these 1920s and 30s dresses? Technically, I don't think they are vintage but they are vintage inspired.

They would look fab at a Great Gatsby themed wedding.

Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

Max studio dress
$148 -

DC Shoes

Feather hair accessory

Nostalgia has great vintage items that would complement both mid-century and 20s-30s style weddings, or any other era you so choose. Just remember when planning to pick a dress that goes with your theme (or a theme that goes with your dress).

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