Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For Display Only

I attended the Nebraska Wedding Day 2012 Launch Party last week and had a great time. I enjoyed meeting other vendors and sampling their wares (including the best salmon I have ever tasted...OMG!). Candace from Social Events did an amazing job styling the space, using lots of our rental items. Below is a picture of Bliss Bakery's table. Under those magically delicious mini pies are crates from our inventory. Hopefully I will have other pics of Nostalgia items "in action" at the event in the near future.

The launch party got me thinking about ways other vendors/businesses could use Nostalgia Rentals items. Our rentals aren't just for parties! They can be used as part of great display for your own items, just like with the bakery items above.

Our items are a perfect fit for a trade or craft show booth display. While browsing the web, I found lots of booths incorporating vintage pieces. The ones that caught my eye the most were the booths that were a little "outside the box." Like this one...

Great use of a bakery-style display case to show off craft fair wares. It makes for a unique and memorable booth.

Suitcases displaying paper goods.

Vintage doors displaying art (would be perfect for a photography studio's booth -- hang portfolio pictures on them).

Check out the "dress" made of letterpress cards (displayed on a vintage dress form).

Jewelry pops when displayed in rustic wooden crates.

The stepladder adds height to this booth.

Drawers are great for display -- I love seeing goods tucked inside half open dresser drawers.

Jewelry displayed on a vintage window frame.

Suitcases and crates full of candles.

Store display rack showcasing craft fair wares.

If you're interested in using Nostalgia Rentals items to show off your stuff (either for a trade show or short-term store display), give me a call. We have plenty to choose from, and I can help you put together a real show stopper!

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