Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Inspiration from WellWed & Another Auction Find

Awhile back I happened upon WellWed Magazine's website and now I check it regularly for inspiration. I really, really loved one inspiration shoot from their Fall/Winter 2011 issue (Hamptons edition), so I purchased that issue. Here are a few pics:

Fabulous, right? Even though everything is white or neutral, these pictures still exude warmth and coziness. This would be a GREAT look for a winter wedding. Nostalgia Rentals has all of the ingredients you would need to recreate this look for your wedding or special event... Crocheted snowflakes? Check. Umbrella frame? Check. Doilies? Check. Mason and apothecary jars? Check. Lamp shade frame? Check. I even have a mink hat that I would be happy to gussy up with a fabric flower and veil for you.

That last picture gave me a great idea for using one of my latest auction finds. A week ago, I got a great deal on 20 of these vintage feed sacks:

I am planning on making chair covers like the ones in the picture with the sacks. I think I should probably be able to sew about 50 or 60 out of the amount of fabric I have. We'll see. I hope to get at least a few done in the next month so I can give them a trial run at the China Luncheon in Hubbell on March 24 (buy some tickets and come sit at my table!). Which means I should probably be starting on these soon since I am not a speedy seamstress.

If you're ready to start planning your winter 2012 wedding, give me a call!

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