Saturday, August 13, 2011

House Parts

I'm really excited! See the old house below? Well, we bought the right to tear out all the doors, windows, trim, etc. that we want before the owner tears the rest of the house down. There is so much good stuff! I'm especially fond of those arched windows on the second floor and the porch columns and trim.

These items are great on their own, but I would also love to build bigger pieces with them. I'm just waiting for a client to ask! Check out the pics below -- there are a lot of great ideas, particularly for weddings.

Sometimes it's a bit tricky to stage a bride's grand entrance at an outdoor ceremony. This doorway would be a beautiful solution to the problem. We also have a fireplace surround/mantle now, too!

Here's a gorgeous archway made out of porch railings and trim. I think we will have enough materials now to construct something like this.

Decorating the top of a doorway piece with flowers looks pretty and romantic.

Here's a neat bar made from salvaged boards.

This faux church facade is amazing. Love it.

More inspiration goodies:

So, any takers for a custom "house parts" piece? Just give us a call -- we will make something beautiful and unique for your event!

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