Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New, One-of-a-Kind Rental Pieces

I have some pics to share of some new rentals pieces that we have available, and they are sooooo fun. You'll have to use your imagination a bit -- I was in a hurry and didn't get the items out of storage, so they're a bit dusty and not arranged correctly. Hopefully you'll get the idea, though. Basically, we have the entire contents of an old post office...

Awesome set of old post office boxes.

Split door with envelope and packages mailing slots. (Assembled it would look something like the one below).

There's also some other pieces like a desk and some sorting cabinets that I didn't get pictures of. These items would be soooo fun -- I'm excited! In a picture I found online, someone had put a cupcake in each mail cubby at a wedding:

Or some letters spelling "just married"...

It would be cute to use some other mail-themed items in conjunction with the post office stuff. These are really genius RSVP cards -- vintage postcards stamped with the RSVP info.

Another use for old postcards -- give them out at the reception to guests then collect them and send the well wishes to the bride and groom.

"Air mail" wedding programs...

The post office items would be cute at a travel-themed wedding...

via Green Wedding Shoes

Or with pretty much any other vintage decor... Here are a couple of my favorite pics I found in the last week:

Give us a call -- we can't wait to brainstorm ideas for using these pieces at your event with you!

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