Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ready for a Cuteness Overload?

First of all, sorry for all the weird clothing posts. I unlinked my Polyvore account and this blog so those posts should stop. I can't figure out how to only publish to my blog from Polyvore when I want -- EVERYTHING I do on Polyvore was showing up here.

Moving on... just got this image from Laura Matoush, who is an amazing children/family photographer (she's photographed my daughter several times). She rented one of our antique doll buggies this past weekend for a newborn shoot. The result is soooo precious:

Just a reminder that we have lots of photo props available, including many for baby/kid shoots:

Doll Bed -- working on getting
some different bedding.

Primitive Child-Size Rocking Chair

Primitive Wagon

Wicker Baby Scale

Antique Kitchen Scales -- Recently someone borrowed these for a newborn shoot -- apparently a newborn baby WILL fit on them if he/she is scrunched up a little.

There's lots more, including suitcases, wooden crates, baskets, vintage vanity items (for "dress up" shoots), old school desks, etc. Take a look at the flickr gallery for more ideas (link at right of page).

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